Visibility Services

You CAN build for what’s to come.
You CAN build ahead of the demand.
You CAN and should get original strategies from heaven
You CAN come into your God given destiny in the marketplace.

We offer Spirit-led support to get you to your destiny in the Marketplace in the four areas you were commissioned.

Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish, and Subdue

All the solutions that my team and I provide to the marketplace intentionally support you around these 4 areas.

One of the ways that God has allowed me to see this verse is through the understanding that every time God spoke these words He wanted to expand something in the earth. I see this as God’s formula for expansion in the earth. The key is to understand each step as unique to each individual and what God wants you to expand on the earth.

The problem that I see in the world is many times we skip from understanding the fruit we produce to producing whatever we can multiply the fastest. In business, this looks like someone else’s blueprint or strategy. We pay for someone else’s fruit and process of multiplication instead of seeking God to understand our own and get the proper strategies.

God commands us to be fruitful and multiply. He didn’t mean to multiply someone else’s fruit, He meant for us to seek him until we understand what seed He placed in us, the fruit we produce, and how valuable it is. We can’t multiply what we don’t understand or value.

Once we grow to understand the fruit and the value, then we can move on to expanding and dominating.